Monday, 18 January 2016

January is officially the month of dieting, I know this oh so well, although most months are my 'new diet' months. There are so many super easy things you can just incorporate into your diet that don't take a lot of effort but make a lot of difference, I thought I would list a few of my favourite things that I've changed in my diet that has made me see such a huge difference in my lifestyle.

Egg Whites:
I am in love with eggs, they're such a huge source of protein for a vegetarian like myself but they can be quite bad for you at the same time. The yolk is the bad part of the egg so just by getting rid of that and just having the white is a lot better for you. I know buying a pack of eggs and pretty much wasting half is very annoying but I've recently discovered Two Chicks Liquid Egg White, this is defiantly the best invention on the planet, it's so convenient and you have no waste at all. So just by changing your scrambled eggs for example to scrambled egg whites is a lot better.

When it comes to seasoning I used to be such a massive salt adder, I added it to literally everything and salt is so bad for you so I had to stop, but because I had been adding it for so long all my food tasted so bland, until I discovered chillies! Adding dried chilli flakes to my food gives it such a good kick that I don't even notice not having any salt. So adding any herb really will really help you with giving up salt.

Fruit is one of my favourite foods ever but it has a lot of sugar in, so now I pick a couple of fruits to eat so that I'm not living on it. I eat blackberries and bananas with my breakfast and thats all the fruit I eat in the day, I get the rest of my five a day from all the veg I eat.

When it comes to breakfast I find it one of the hardest times to stay healthy, because I'm either always in a rush or theres something too delicious being made in my house. Making yourself something the same every morning really helps you stay on track, my choice is always oats or porridge. Porridge every morning with your fruit will keep you so full until lunchtime.

This is just a simple one but avocado is amazing so I just had to throw it in here. Avocado is so easy to add to your foods, add to a salad or make a pasta sauce out of it its amazing, it's quite fatty but they're good fats, and if like me you suffer with bad skin eating avocados in your regular diet will seriously do wonders for your skin.

Tea is everyones morning go to I know, but although your builders tea isn't a bad choice but if you're wanting to lose weight I would swap it for a herbal tea. Green tea is defiantly a good place to start, its so good for you, has no calories and it speeds up your metabolism, so perfect for first thing.
Do you have any diet tips?

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