Friday, 22 January 2016

If I'm completely honest with you, before I started a blog and started reading religiously everyones beauty posts, contouring, highlighting, all that stuff was a complete blur to me and the thought of making it into my daily routine was a no go. I thought it would take too long, I'd always be late if I done it everyday, but when I found these amazing products I found it so easy.

The first product I first heard about on Sarah Ashcroft's YouTube channel, she said it was one of the best contour products out there so I had to give it a try. LA Girl Cosmetics is such a cheap brand and it's super easy to use, it's actually a concealer but I always get the colour beautiful bronze which is a dark brown colour so its a perfect colour to contour with. 

I use the brush and put a little on my cheekbones and temples to contour and blend it out with my trusty beauty blender. To contour my nose I do the same thing down my nose but I blend it with my fingers, it's that simple.
After I've powdered I always like to make my contour a little bit more prominent so I use my MAC Bronzing Powder just in my cheekbones to really make it stand out. I love this bronzer because its matte so it doesn't have a shimmer to it. I don't really do much else contouring wise to my nose because the LA Girl is more than enough, even after it's been powdered.

There you have it, such a simple contour for every day use, and it takes less than 5 minutes to do!
Do you have any easy contour products?

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