Monday, 25 January 2016

If you've read any of my posts about foundations before you'll know how temperamental my skin can be when it comes to my choice of foundation. I very rarely pick up a new one as I just don't like wasting my money on something that most likely isn't going to work for my skin. I saw so many of you wonderful ladies raving about this foundation that I just had to try it!
When I first picked this up I tried the colour Light Vanilla, which was an exact match to my skin colour, I was actually shocked at how perfect the colour was. I usually have quite red skin so I can sometimes find it a pain to find a colour that not only matches my skin but has really good coverage, but this is the one!

This foundation is perfect for people with dry skin, I have a really oily t-zone but a really dry chin so I sometimes struggle to find a foundation that doesn't cling to those dry patches but this foundation is perfect, it never clings it just goes on so smoothly.
This foundation leaves a perfect dewy finish so it makes you look so bright and awake. I've even bought this foundation in the colour Beige, for when I'm on mu holiday or if I've fake tanned, I love it that much I don't think I could live without it, and for only £9.99 its bloody good!

Do you have a favourite foundation?

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