5 Reasons Why I Love Christmas...

Friday, 11 December 2015

14 Days till Christmas! If you read my blog regularly you'll know that I'm just plain obsessed with it, everything from decorating the tree to eating my body weight in mince pies, but I thought I would only list a few reasons I love this time of the year because otherwise we would be here for days.

Christmas is basically a time for food lets be honest. As you all know I'm a veggie so finding something for my Christmas dinner that isn't a nut roast isn't aways the easiest but this year my mums surprising me with something so I'm super excited for that. Let alone all the chocolate and cheeseboards there will be.

Now this just goes without saying, I love giving people presents and seeing their faces when they open something I've bought them that they love, especially my two baby sisters, they get way too excited. I obviously love getting pressies too as I love surprises! I've never been the type of kid to go looking for my gifts because I love it when  I have no idea.

This time of the year is probably the only time I ever actually bake, as you can tell by recent posts. There's just something so festive about sticking on some Christmas music and making mince pies, I just love it.

As I don't live with my dad and two baby sisters, I live with my mum and 19 year old sister, I don't really get to see them that much because they live so far. So when I get to see them at special times of the year I get so happy to sleep at there house with my boyfriend, go out for breakfast and open gifts together, it's the best thing.

The Weather 
This may seem like a bit of a weird one but I love this weather! Winter is my favourite time of the year by far, I love just chilling in bed watching Netflix with a hot cup of hot choc with my boy. Getting to wrap up warm when it snows, which if you live in the UK you'll know it barely ever happens, I'm hoping for it this year though!

There we have it, my 5 top reasons I love Crimbo, I loved writing this post, it made me feel so festive! What are your favourite things about Christmas?

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