My Early New Years Resolutions...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

When it gets to this time of the years many things run around my head and I start thinking about my New Years resolutions, saying that, I always want to start them early, so here goes...

Up my cardio game
I workout about 3-5 times a week at the moment, I usually weight train which kills me by the end of the week, although I love it. I recently purchased Tammy Hembrow's Fitness Instagram which is amazing, it works out to about £20 but it's honestly so easy to follow especially if you usually have trouble following guides. 
One thing about it is if you're like me and you need to lose quite a bit of weight before toning up the non existent muscles, you'll know cardio is a massive factor in losing the weight. Because I follow her weight training so religiously I've started to slack on my cardio so I've not seen a lot of weight loss in agessssss. So that's defo number 1, more cardio, so more running and swimming, maybe a cheeky bike ride here and there, lose that weight finally.

Take more photos
Now, for a professional photographer I am shockingly bad at taking photos in my own time. Christmas and events like that is an exception but everyday life I ned to document more.
My Instagram is one of my social media accounts that I love to browse through, liking photo after photo, but I never have any interesting images to post, which is actually getting a little bit annoying. So one thing I need to do a lot more of is that, maybe buy a new Instagram only camera to take beaut images on, or maybe learn to use my phone camera a lot better.

Plan my blogging diary
My organisation skills are terrible, there is nothing else to say than that. As you've probably noticed I've been missing a day of blog posts here and there and I've even dropped my Sunday posts for the time being while I'm trying to get through this term of Uni.
So while I'm on my Christmas break I intend on getting my act together, writing posts early so I'm not having to do them the night before, which I may or may not be doing right now.

Get more sleep
One of my major tasks is to get more sleep. I'm so used to waking up early that on my days off I seem to wake up early too, the only problem with this is when I know I have a day off, I usually stay up till the early hours of the morning watching episode after episode on Netflix, this needs to stop. My aim is to get at least 8 hours sleep a night with out fail, lets see how long this lasts.

Eat completely clean
If you read my blog you know how much I love to eat clean, although I can sometimes get really stuck and have no idea what to eat and what to do, like after summer and loving life, eating what I want and drinking way too much alcohol I've found it really hard to get my head back in the game.
My aim is to eat a completely clean diet, no excuses with one cheat meal a week so I have something to aim for.

Drink more water
Last but not least, drink more water. I'm probably one of the worst people to drink enough water ever, I'm lucky if I drink a litre, I need to start drinking at least 2.5l a day so I can lose weight and feel better in myself, also my skin is having major breakouts recently so I'm hoping this will help with that.

Do you have any early New Years resolutions?

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