Original Source Daily Scrub, Blood Orange...

Friday, 23 October 2015

I've been using Original Source products for ages now, they're so affordable and they're so amazingly scented, they're also vegan which is a major yes in my books!
Although I love their usual body washes when it gets to this time of the year my skin gets so dry and it needs a good ol' scrub. They're are so many body scrubs I'm majorly obsessed with but some are quite expensive and having to use them every day would just rinse my bank account of money, so when I came across this daily scrub from my favourite high street brand, I had to snap it up.

The Original Source Daily Scrub in Blood Orange is a very subtle scrub so its perfect for the everyday scrub in the shower, the sent is so amazing such a strong orange scent, I love it. It's made with all natural ingredients and the scrub is made with grounded up almonds so it's not good if you have a nut allergy.
This is honestly my favourite scrub for everyday, whats yours?

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