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Monday, 19 October 2015

Its officially the best time of the year, I love this weather because it just reminds me of the start of Christmas, well in my mind anyway. When it comes to this time of the year my skin usually needs a lot more care than in the summer, my skin goes dry, I break out and my make up always looks a little dull. So these are just a few of my essentials for this chilly autumn time.

As soon as this weather hits its like my tea tastebuds automatically change, I never fancy normal tea or a green tea, I always want a cosy hot chocolate or a cinnamon tea and this tea certainly ticks that box. I'm so happy I could actually find a tea like this because I'm allergic to caffeine so I find it really hard to find a really nice cosy herbal tea that doesn't contain even a tiny bit. The tea is literally Autumn time in a mug I'm obsessed with it, not only that but its zero cals so whats better than that.

If you read my blog you will know that very recently I wrote a post about my favourite Autumn lipsticks so head on over to this post to find out more about why this lippy is in my faves.

I am obsessed with nude nails! I just think they go with everything and they just look so chic, to be honest this isn't really an Autumn essential, it's more like a 24/7 every season kind of essential.
At the moment I've been obsessing over these two colours, the first is Boujour's nail enamel in the colour 'Beige', one of the main reasons I'm loving this at the moment is the brush and staying power. I love that the brush on this nail varnish is so big it fits perfectly to either side of my nails and covers the whole thing in one brush, and I usually find that quite hard as I have acrylic nails so they're very long. Another thing about this colour is the staying power, it's amazing, it doesn't chip at all and as I said before I have acrylics I usually find that the ends of my nails, the colour kind of wears away and I have to top up a lot but this one doesn't do it at all I love it!

My second nail love at the moment is the O.P.I nail liquor in 'You're So Vain-illa', also love the names of these varnishes. I wrote about this nail varnish ages ago on an earlier post of mine, but I'm still obsessed with it. Its such a thick colour that stays on forever, I love.

This season is the perfect time for those dark sparkly eyeshadows. I love wearing eyeshadows on a night out or a nice meal, I don't usually incorporate them into my everyday make up routine, mostly because I just can't be bothered with putting it on just to sit in a lecture all day.
This shadow is just the perfect colour for everything, when I use a lighter colour on my lid its the perfect colour to put in my crease but it's also perfect to wear on its own if I want to go for the darker look. It's so nicely subtly sparkly too which I love, I hate wearing a shadow that looks like I just dunked my head into a bowl of glitter, I like it looking subtle in the light shimmer. Perf.

Last but not least one of my all time forever favourites is this Lush face mask. When it gets to this time of year my face can get so dry and I can get breakouts galore which is the worst. I usually find that using a face mask maybe twice a week really makes my skin wake up and feel alive which is what I really need. I love all of the lush face masks as they're all natural and you can really tell when you use them they're defo my fave ones to use when my skins looking a little on the dull side.
What are your Autumn Essentials?

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