Whats In My Bag #1

Friday, 18 September 2015

So, the time has officially come for that dreaded handbag clear out, and I thought hat better way to make this remotely fun, than to share it with you lovely people. I love watching these videos but as I'm not really a video kinda gal, I will be pulling something out and writing it down in that order, so here we go...

1.) My purse (with no money in it of course). At the moment I've been using my navy Herm├ęs Dogon purse, fake though, but don't tell anyone that, shh.

2.) My sunnies. See what I mean, it is no longer summer here in the UK and I still have my sunglasses! I'm currently using my fave Topshop Sophie Cateye sunnies which I adore.

3.) Notebook. Every bloggers essential in their handbag, I found the cutest little one in Tiger, its all marble and flips round so its really neat, and its tiny so fits perfectly in all my bags, I just use this to jot down ideas if I'm out and want to remember them.

4.) Diary. Another essential for any blogger. This is a life saver, it helps me remember when I have to write certain posts and publish posts, it's also perfect for remembering my day to day routine. I found a cheap and cheerful one in WHSmith which is nice and cute.

5.) My Phone. Obviously I couldn't live without my iPhone 6, I live by it and every app.

6.) Earphones. Perfect for my long journeys to uni on the train.

7.) My glasses. I have my Gok Wan ones at the moment, but defo need a change of style.

8.) Receipts. From many things I most likely didn't need!

9.) My pencil case. Yet another blogging essential, in fact just an essential, I always need a pen when I'm out and about.

10.) Oyster. My oyster is just something I always keep on me incase I unexpectedly need to jump on a train somewhere. (Happens a lot more than you think)

11.) Fluff roller. OMG if you don't have one if these its a major essential, I have white cats and most of the time I wear black, so you can see the issue here! This gets it all off in one swipe, you can pick them up in Poundland, pretty much anywhere has them to be honest.

12.) Hand cream and hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser for all the dirty tubes and bits and hand cream just because my hand get so dry it makes me feel sick lol.

13.) Tissues. I can't tell you the amount of times I've gone to a public toilet and there hasn't been any loo roll *add sick emoji*! I just have to always have them in my bag now.

14.) Lip gloss. Last thing is my lippy, I'm currently obsessed with the Soap and Glory XXL Plump, love the tingle and plump it gives your lips.

Thats all that was in my bag, plus dust that needed to be binned there and then!
Have you done any whats in my bag posts? I would love to see.

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  1. Such lovely favourites! I have a ton of receipts too which are so annoying to clean out and the fluff roller idea is great. I need to incorporate it x

    -Wildfire Charm