No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation

Friday, 11 September 2015

I never really post about foundations because I only ever use this one, but I think the time has come to share my love of this foundation with you all.
My skin has always been really fussy when it comes to foundations and powder, every drugstore foundation that I try just doesn't work with my skin, it always blotches and looks too thick, and then the powder won't stick to it, its all just such a mess really. So because of this I was very apprehensive about spending £15.50 on a foundation I might not even like, but I'm so glad I did!

I have combination skin so my T-zone can get really oily but my chin can sometimes get really dry, so you can imagine how hard I find it. Because it contains SPF it's really moisturizing and doesn't make my skin dry at all. So I would say this is perfect for combination skin, but to be honest I think it would be perfect for any type of skin.

Texture and Last
It's a very lightweight foundation so goes onto my skin so smoothly, it's kind of velvet texture so its so soft! With primer on before you apply the foundation it can stay on pretty much all day and with a good powder it looks flawless. The only think I would say about this is that it doesn't have amazing coverage, so if you have blemish prone skin, you will probably have to use a concealer as well.

This is a magic colour, it matches to your skin tone, so you buy a basic colour, I bought 'light' and when you apply it it changes to fit all the different colours of your face, so its perfect if you have different pigments in your skin, I have rosy cheeks sometimes so it works perfectly for me. 

This is defiantly my go to foundation for any occasion, I've tried so many other brands like MAC, none of which has worked so I'm so glad I've finally found the one foundation to fit all my needs!

What are your go to foundations?

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