My Most Used Brushes

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I've seen a lot of bloggers talking about their favourite brushes, so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and share my fave, well most used of mine. I do have a number of different brushes but I always find myself going back to my Real Techniques brushes. 

Starting off with my powder brush. This is my go to brush for any make up look, whether it be every day make up or a night out, I couldn't live without it. I love the way it sets my powder, it always goes on so smooth because its sooo soft! Its a massive brush so it can hold a lot of powder, so I do find this is the one that needs to be washed the most but I love it so much I don't really mind.

Next up is their blush brush. This brush is the perfect size to just put a tiny bit of blusher on my cheeks when I'm feeling that my face looks a bit dull.

Stippling Brush
Next one if my stippling brush. I used to apply my foundation with a flat brush which I didn't really like, I thought it kept leaving lines on my face and I would have to buff them out, so just a lot of stress really. I bought this brush just to try and see if it would be a better option and I LOVE it! It sets my foundation perfectly, gets into all the little lines and all sorts, I'll never go back to a flat foundation brush after using tis one.

Contour Brush
Last but not least is the contour brush from the Core Collection. As you can tell my dog attacked it so it obviously his favourite too. This contour brush is the perfect size to fit in the hollow of my cheekbones and around my temples, perfect for any make up look. Its just my favourite brush out of the whole collection, although I think I do need to purchase a new one after the puppy attack.

Thats it, they are my favourite Real Technique brushes, I love to try out loads of different brushes and techniques with them. What are your favourite make-up brushes?



  1. I recently purchased a couple Real Technique brushes and I have been really pleased with them!! I don't have the contour one yet, but that's next on my list :)

    xoxo Emily

  2. Lovely post - Real Techniques brushes are my favourite brushes I love them! Just come across your blog too, I love it!

    Lucy |