My Monthly Beauty Treatments

Monday, 28 September 2015

Todays post isn't really going to be a beauty product post, it's more the beauty bits I get done every month. These 3 things I started to get done just to 'try out' but fell in love with them and couldn't cope without them, terrible I know, but hey ho, let's crack on.

Acrylic Nails
This is a habit I've been getting done every 2-4 weeks since I was about 15 years old. Probably the worst but the best habit. I've had them done in so many different shapes, lengths, you name it I've had it, but because of all this my nails are in HORRIBLE condition, so I pretty much have to get them done constantly, they're not too bad price wise, they cost £20 for my first set and then £15 for infills every 4 weeks.
At the moment I've gone for the ballerina style and super long, I love them! My colour of choice is always a nude, I tried colours for summer but they just were not for me, I didn't think they went with enough so found myself changing the colour all the time, so a good nude colour is always my go to colour, at the mo I have the the Barry M colour in Cappuccino on.

Eyelash Extensions
This is such an expensive habit! I started getting them done because my friend was training so needed someone to practice on, I was always saying yes to her because whats better than a free beauty treatment right?
Well once she was trained and started to charge I looked else where for someone more professional to do them. I started to love them so much that without them I'm convinced I look like a 4 year old gremlin! I get a full set of silk lashes with extra volume so that initially costs me £60 and £45 for infills every 4 weeks. I've used so many expensive mascaras in my lifetime but nothing compares to how amazing these look, I really don't think I could ever go back to just using mascara, not only that but my make up routine is a lot quicker now!

Eyebrow Wax & Arch
Last but not least is, of course, my eyebrows. I can't be the only one who can't touch their own eyebrows without them turning into tadpoles! I get mine done at Benefit Brow Bar, which is honestly a God send, I stumbled across it in London one day and just tried it out and I don't know where I would go otherwise. I searched everywhere for one near where I live and finally found one, they tint arch and wax them for me and they always come out looking flawwwwwless. The full shabang costs me £20 but I only get the tint every other month so sometimes it costs me £12.50, such good value for money for the best treatment I've had!

Those are my expensive beauty habits, what do you have to get done every month?

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