Mixing up Your Gym Routine with Classes

Monday, 7 September 2015

Now, if you're anything like me the thought of working out can bring you close to tears. When I have to try and decide what routine I'm going to do makes me just want to curl up in bed with chocolate instead of actually going.
I decided I needed to do something about my lack of motivation so a friend of mine suggested classes, I never really went to a class before because I never felt like it done a lot of good, I was definatly going to the wrong classes! I thought I would share the classes that make me feel the most motivated and the most fun!

Aqua Class
This is the class I do pretty much every week. It's so much fun! Its perfect if you're not really into going so hard at the gym that you come out looking like a sweaty mess, it's like exercise you don't realise you're doing. Another great thing about this class is that it's usually just little old women that do it so if you feel uncomfortable in a bikini, which I usually do, I never feel judged or anything.
So, an aqua class is pretty basic to explain, you do a lot of acrobatic moves but in a swimming pool, some instructors usually make you use water weights, they're basically lightweight dumbbells but when used under water are really heavy. With this class I think you can burn about 300 cals if you do it really intense. I love it.

Circuit Class
This class is 100% one of the hardest things I've ever done but it's really fun when you do it with a friend. You basically have a number of different stations and you go around each one and do it for about 30 seconds about 3 times, I think they're about 10 stations, now it sounds a lot easier than it is I can assure you.
This is perfect if you, like me most of the time, eat the most illegal meal and you just have to burn it off one way or another, you leave the room so sweaty!

Yoga Class
This is a bit of a different class, it's not cardio based at all its very much for toning. I recently felt so stressed out that I wanted to do something about it, so I tried out a yoga class. It really is so calming while you exercise, you do a number of different moves that stretch you and tone you. This is defo something I recommend doing a couple of times a week if you ever feel stressed at work or school or even just in day to day life, it's changed my life.

Spin Class
Last but not least is a spin class. This is such a hard workout, not going to lie to you all, but the first time I ever done a spin class I actually cried, saying that I was so happy I tried it out as I felt about a stone lighter!
Its another one of those illegal meal classes, or if you only have time for an hour workout but you still want it to be intense this is defiantly the one. I actually find this class really fun once you get into it, they play such motivating music and it really makes you want to keep going and burn those calories, even if your legs do feel like jelly when you get off the bike.

What are your favourite gym classes?

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