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Friday, 4 September 2015

I always go through little stages of wanting to treat myself to something a little bit more special than make up or a bag, but I can't always afford to splurge in Victoria Secret or Boux Avenue so I have to find the more affordable shops.
I just had my second anniversary with my boyfriend so I wanted to treat myself to some new undies and I thought I would share my fave affordable high street stores with you all.

I love Topshop for anything, beauty, clothes, underwear, anything its perfect. I find that Topshop underwear can be a little pricy with the tops coming to about £15-£20 but they're always so beautiful and lacy. The Topshop bras I like the most are the underwire bras, I think they're so much more flattering than padded, I also think they fit so much nicer on the boobies. 
The only annoying problem with Topshop bra's is that they only go up to certain sizes, like me for example I've gone up a cup size and am now a DD so they don't sell any bras that size, I think they only go up to a D, other than that I would happily shop here everyday.

You can never go wrong with Primark underwear, cheap and cheerful. If you want to treat yourself to some a whole set Primark is perfect. I always buy my everyday underwear from here, they're so comfortable and they fit so well. The tops are usually about £5-£7 so really affordable for luxury.
I don't have anything bad to say about Primark undies, they come in so many different sizes and so many varieties like ones to boost that cleavage, or just comfy t-shirt bras. Its perfect, if you don't have a shop near you, defo drive to the nearest one.

New Look is one of my favourites but I very rarely buy anything from there. The only underwear I like from here is the Kelly Brooke collection, its perfect for the bigger girl like myself, they're all so sexy and fit amazing! The only problem is that they are quite pricy, no more than Topshop but they're still on the more expensive high street style. Although its always nice to save the money and go for the cheaper option sometimes you just need a little splurge, but you'll still be saving money going for the high street.

Those are my favourite high street stores for my sexy undies, hope this will help you all to save money and still treat yourself to some expensive looking undergarments.

Where are your favourite places to buy undies?

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