2 Years With My Man

Monday, 14 September 2015

For today's post I thought I would mix up my writing and share something a little bit more personal rather than another beauty review.
So very recently was my boyfriend and Is 2 year anniversary! 2 years! I thought I would share what we did to celebrate with my lovely readers!

First off we decided to get each other little pressies this year because we both knew the meal would be on the pricy side, I bought him a PS4 game, because classic, he's a lad, a Topman shirt and some cute Thorntons choc which obviously being a soppy girl that I am, I got personalised.
He was actually really amazing with my prezzies, he treated me to a MAC gift card, so you can all imagine how excited I was to receive that, and of course he treated me to the meal of a lifetime!

We went to Benihana for our meal, if you haven't heard of this restaurant, it's a Japanese restaurant where you have your own personal chef cook your food infant of you, they even do those knife tricks you see in the films. 
You mostly pay for the experience but the food was pretty darn good too! As you all know I'm vegetarian so there was actually only one choice for me, it was so much food but considering I paid £30 just for my main I guzzled it all up. The boy went for a steak and chicken meal which cost him about £36 which was apparently gorg.

If all the amazing food and wine wasn't enough, I turned round and guess who walks in the door... ANGELINA JOLIE! I was so starstruck I didn't really know how to act! Was so much fun!

It was honestly the best anniversary with the most amazing man! Really felt the love!

Have you done anything memorable for an anniversary?

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