Strawberry Picking

Friday, 26 June 2015

It's finally summertime in rainy London! What better time to go outside and soak up some of the sun with a fun activity.
Me and my friend recently found out there was a strawberry picking farm near where we lived, which was so exciting to find out because I thought I would have to travel about a billion miles away to go. You all know if you read my blog that I love my healthy snacks and healthy meals so getting to go was such a fun day out!
The farm we went to was called Hewitts Farm, the massive pot cost me about £1 and you can pick as many strawberries as you like, they weigh them at the end and you pay £2 per lb, this whole tub cost me £3! They don't only do strawberries there you can pick loads, like raspberries, spinach, gooseberries, anything thats in season. I probably could have picked about double the amount I actually got because they're nearly all gone already :(.
I would so recommend this as a fun day out if you're a student like me and don't have that much money or if you love organic fruit and veg.

Have you got up to anything unusual this summer?

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