Fathers Day Fun

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Since it was Fathers Day on Sunday I decided to travel down to my dads with my sister which was a 1 and a half car journey down to the coast, also being my first time driving for that long, I dodged as many motorways as I could, because they scare the life out of me. We took a lovely drive all the way through the countryside so it was actually a really nice drive.

I don't really get to see that side of my family that often as they live so far :( but when I do its so nice to see everyone so we always do something really nice. I got to spend so much time with my baby sisters who are only 6 and 3 so that was so nice (with a lot of Frozen watching).
We had a little BBQ at my nan and granddads so it was a little bit of a treat for me, I'm veggie as you all know so I treated myself to a couple of veggie sausages and lots of veg, a much needed treat!
I wish I had more to report with you all about the day but it was a really simple cute day, with food, fun and frozen, the better type of f words ;).

What did you all get up to with your daddy this fathers day?

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