Amsterdam in 2 Days

Monday, 22 June 2015

I'm back! I know I've had probably the longest break from blogging on the planet but I've been super busy with Uni work these last couple of months, but thats all done with for the summer now so I can finally get back to blogging again. 
So my wonderful boyfriend turned 22 at the end of may so as I'm the best girlfriend in the world I surprised him with a trip to Amsterdam for the weekend, and it was so amazing! The country is so beautiful, made even more beautiful by the weather, which was luckily boiling when we went. 
We didn't really have much time to do everything we wanted to as we only went for about 2 days, we stayed in a really simple hotel just outside the city centre so we had to walk into the centre everyday. We walked through Vondlepark to get there, it was such a beautiful way to walk as we got all the scenery. 
We didn't really get to go to many museums not even the Anne Frank museum which was so annoying because that was one of the whole reasons I chose Amsterdam :( they were sold out of tickets for the next 3 months. We did go to the Heineken museum though which was so fun, they showed us how they made their beer and we got to go beer tasting, so its safe to say I left there rather intoxicated.
We obviously went to a couple of the coffee shops which was, an interesting experience, we done a little bit of shopping where I got the nicest Monki underwear set, Im in love with it.
So yeah, only a little post for you today guys as i get back into the blogging stratosphere, I would highly recommend a little trip to Amsterdam if you're looking for a weekend away in the summer.

What was your thoughts on Amsterdam if you've been?

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