Washing My Makeup Brushes

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

So after about a month of no blogging I am finally back and ready to get blogging 3x a week again! I went back to uni after 3 and a half weeks off and it's been so hectic I've had literally no time to blog. 

I've heard a few people telling me that the blogger app on iPhones are quite good if you're constantly in a rush so I thought as I wanted to post a quick post to get me going again I would try out taking my photos on my phone and writing my post on my phone too, so here goes. 

I'm going to share my easy peasy steps to washing my brushes, it's probably the most tedious part of wearing make up, I actually hate it so much that it stops me from wanting to wear make up, but let's face it, that's never going to happen so I have to do it ;). 

Step 1
Collect up your brushes and run them under the tap one by one. Make sure you do it with the brush facing down! If you don't your bristles will start to fall out, and no one wants that after they've spent £10 on a face brush. 

Step 2
Squeeze about a pea size of baby shampoo on the palm of your hand, then rub the brush in circular motions on your hand, keep doing that until the soap turns white and not the colour of your foundation.

Step 3
Once the soap has turned white, run the brush the same way under the tap and wash your hand. Add a bit of conditioner onto your palm and stroke the brush along your palm, then rinse the brush the same way. This will keep your brushes nice and soft and that's always nice.

Step 4
Once all the brushes are washed and conditioned, wrap them up side by side in a flannel or a small towel, make sure they are wrapped nice and tight so it dries them nice and quick.

Step 5
The last step will be drying them, I place them upside down on the radiator just over night and they're nice and fresh by the morning.

That's it, it does take a little bit of time but it all makes them so soft and luscious. 

Do you have any tips on cleaning brushes? 

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