The 3 Best Teas!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

If you're a classic British person like myself you will obviously be obsessed with tea. Although I do love a good cuppa I'm allergic to caffeine so I always have to drink decaf so I find it more of a comforting drink than a pick me up so these are some of my have to have drinks at all times. 

Twinings 'Lemon Zest'
I usually hate anything that is lemon flavoured I only like actual natural lemons but I bought this just because it was on offer and Im so happy I did! It's literally the most refreshing hot drink ever, I find it perfect for the morning as soon as I wake up, it really makes me wake up and get ready for the day. I also find it the perfect pick me up, if I'm feeling a little bit down i'll have a cup and it just gives me a natural burst of energy. You can pick up a box here for only £1.49.

Pukka 'Cleanse'
The first thing I do before bed is have a big mug of this tea! It works so amazing on your skin and just gives you such a good nights sleep and you wake up with your skin feeling so refreshed. Also the aloe vera in it makes your body feel so cleansed and clean, I love it, not only that it tastes amazing. You can pick up a box here for only £2.39.

English Tea Shop 'Refresh Me'
This is my least favourite from the 3 but still one of my fave teas ever. This is so refreshing for the morning, the peppermint really wakes you up and motivates you to get up and do some work during the day. This is the only box I've found in such a long time as its sold out everywhere, I think it was only about £2-£3 so if you keep looking you might be able to find it.

Do you have any favourite hot drinks?

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  1. I've tried Pukka tea before and its really lovely, I had one for night time and it felt really calming. I felt really relaxed before bed :) x