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Monday, 30 March 2015

They have recently opened up a Mac where I live so this is the reason I've started my little collection as I've always had an excuse never to buy anything from there because of having to travel to the shop.
I have never been so happy with a lipstick, I was seriously missing out, and with a lip primer! Life is good haha.

Retro Matte 'All Fired Up' Lipstick
This was the first Mac product I received, my friend took me to the shop and offered to buy me something for my birthday, so its safe to say I was a little bit excited. Im usually a very simple, nude colour girl so going to a colour like this was a bit of a stretch, but after talking to the store assistant she said to me because at the time I had all brown hair and I also have dark eyes, that I had no colour on my face so I had to put something on it.
This is the perfect matt colour! I have to apply it with a brush though as its literally like a crayon its so thick which makes it stay on for so long, its a dark pink/red colour which is so amazing.

Prep + Prime Lip
I had never even known about lip primer before I went into mac the first time and they applied my lipstick for me, I know living under a rock much! I don't really have much to compare this too as I've never used one before but I can tell you that it smells AMAZING and it makes my lips so moisturised. It also lets me draw my lip liner on so much easier and much more perfect.

Matte 'Pink Plaid' Lipstick
Because I obviously couldn't stay away from my nude colours but I still wanted a little bit of colour I went into my Mac on pay day and treated myself to this lippy. Its a little less matte than the retro matte but still so easy to apply, I have yet to find a lip liner that fits it perfectly but if anyone has any recommendations please do tell me. Its so moisturising and I love the colour because it goes with everything, especially a white outfit!

What are your fave products from Mac?

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  1. Beautiful lipstick color, like them a lot.