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Friday, 6 March 2015

As you can tell from my last post I'm loving making wish lists at the moment. I've wanted to move out of my family home for so long but as I am at uni for another 2 years I can't really move out until I'm at least 23, and that makes me very sad :(. I love living at home but sometimes i think you just need your own space to make you grow up. Although if I won the lottery anytime soon I would be outa here. So because I have been thinking about it a lot recently and as its my birthday Saturday I've been making lists for about a month now, so I thought I would share a few bits I have been loving and need for my future house, H&M is what I've been looking at the most because their online home section is literally heaven so Im only going to share bits from there, otherwise we could be here for a very long time.

White Metal Basket
I love this, its about £15, its so rustic looking which I love, I think it would be perfect to put magazines in or even to make into a bin. I think I would do that, make it into a bin and put it next to the sofa or something for those cosy nights in when you pig out on chocolate and cakes, you can just throw the rubbish in there while it still looks nice and clean, I found it here.

Clear and Gold Vase
This vase is so cute, i think it would be perfect for a single flower. I love the shape and the little gold bit at the top. The shape is so different, I think on maybe a fireplace or on the kitchen windowsill with one little rose or a tulip in or something it would look so cute, not only that but its only £6.99 here.

Silver Cake Stand
This is literally such a cute stand, I love to bake so this would be literally perfect in my kitchen. The reason I love the silver one so much is because of the writing around it, the gold one doesn't have this which is a bit annoying. It would look so cute on an island in the middle of the kitchen, and for £9.99 its so worth it, from here.

White Small Wooden Box
This would be perfect to put herbs snd stuff in in the kitchen, exactly what it says on the box. I think this on the windowsill with the little vase with the flower in it. Its only £7.99 here and they do it in different colours and sizes, but this is my fave.

Beige Fake Fur Blanket
As soon as I saw this I fell in love with it! It's quite pricey it's like £30 but for the look of it its so worth it. I think this would look so nice on an L shaped sofa on the L bit. Maybe as decoration but obviously if you fall asleep watching tv it would come in very handy. I found it here and I think I might have to purchase it already I love it that much.

Clear Glass Jar
Last but not least I found this little glass jar that will come in so handy for so many things. You could use it as a vase, a glass or even to put things like make up brushes in. Its only £5.99 so to be able to use it for anything would be so good! You can buy it here, and again i think i might have to buy it for my make up brushes now.

Do you have any home ideas for when you move out?

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