Benefit Wishlist!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

As you all know I love a good wish list and as its my birthday on Sunday I thought I would make a tiny little Benefit wish list. I recently went into a Benefit store and ended up getting my eyebrows shaped and waxed which I LOVE, I would seriously recommend going to one of their salons if you need a re-shapping. First up on my list is:

Hoola Bronzing Powder
So many of my friends have this bronzer and I always steal a cheeky bit when I'm getting ready with them for a night out. I find it has literally the perfect colour for my cheeks, something else I've found it to be perfect for is contouring my nose. I slide a little bit down the sides of my nose and on the end and blend and it just looks so skinny and nice. The only downside is the brush it comes with, I don't really like the feel of it on my cheeks, but I always use my Real Techniques brush anyway. This is actually really expensive but soo worth it, it's £23.50 from here.

High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer
I've wanted this product for so long, its like the perfect highlighter! When I steal this from my friends, which is not of the time, I put a bit on the top of my nose, cheekbones and my lip crease just so make me look a bit alive. They say its 'supermodel in a bottle' and it really is its amazing, I must have it. It's quite pricey at £19.50 you can get it here.

Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit
I bought this for my sister a couple of christmases ago and I'm so annoyed i didn't pick one up for myself too! When i went to get my brows done a couple of days ago this is what they filled them in with and it stayed all day and looked amazing! When I bought it, it was £30 but its actually gone down I think here it is £24.50.

Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer
Also when I went to get my eyebrows done they used this to cover up the redness so I could actually go out in public without looking like a tomato. It literally covered up all the redness and you couldn't see it at all! I suffer quite badly with dark circles under my eyes so this would be perfect to cover it up, and also scars from spots I've gained over the years. I think its about £17.50 here.

It's Potent! Eye Cream
This eye cream is supposed to work purely on dark circles and like I said before I suffer really bad with them so I think this would be a perfect start of getting rid of them. It is also supposed to make you look more hydrated and brighter and I need to start looking more alive as I am constantly getting late nights! This is quite expensive for an eye cream but I think if it works it would so be worth the £25.50 here.

Roller Lash Mascara
Of course I have to add this product in. Everyone raves about this mascara so much that I need to have it! It makes your lashes so curled and long and i really need that! I have stumpy short eyelashes so I really want this mascara, its £19.50 so not too bad for a benefit product, you can get it here.

Do you have anything on your Benefit wishlist?

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