L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator

Saturday, 21 February 2015

I have always suffered with bad skin, ever since I was young I have either had spots, dry skin, oily skin, name something that can go wrong with your skin and I've probably had it! I have literally tried every face wash I possibly could to make my skin clear and feeling nice but nothing has been nice enough to keep, then i came across this beauty!
I originally bought another L'Oréal product and they were all buy one get one free, so instead of buying two of the same thing I thought I would try something different and get this. I am so happy i did there is literally nothing bad I can say about this product!

It is so easily affordable, although I did get it for free I will always pay the money to have this product in my skin routine.
Sometimes I find that face washes that are exfoliants are quite harsh on my skin, they always leave it feeling hot, sore or looking really red so I can never apply my make up straight after my bath, but this one isn't like that at all! It is so easy on the skin and leaves it feeling sooo soft, it is by far my favourite thing I have ever used on my skin.

Another thing that i find with other face washes is that they usually leave my skin feeling soft and clear for maybe the first half an hour after I've used it but after that it feels tight and dry and horrible that i have to smother it in moisturiser for it to feel nice again.
With this I don't feel like that at all, once I have used it once it stays leaving my skin feeling so fresh for ages! It literally does what it says on the tin, 'no tight skin feeling' and it really doesn't! Honestly the best product I could ever have used on my skin and I'll never go back to using any other product!

Do you have any favourite skin products you would recommend?

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