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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines day is this Saturday so I am a bit excited about that! I've never been a big lover of valentines day as I used to think it was all overpriced and really a bit of a cringe haha, but since having a boyfriend for nearly 2 years I'm starting to enjoy it a little bit more, I love cooking him meals and buying him cute little gifts.

For her
There is so many things you can buy for girls, they're so much easier to buy for than boys, my boyfriend is probably one of the easiest but hardest person to buy for, when it comes to his birthday or Christmas it's a piece of cake but little holidays like this no chance I can think of anything.
A couple of ideas or things i want myself i found were kind of the classic things to buy for valentines.

The first being flowers, there isn't one girl out there that doesn't like flowers, I love them for the look but the smell is just an added bonus. If you're wanting to go down the budget road with flowers Tesco do a really nice Finest range for about £10 for a massive bouquet, from lilies to roses so they have a very wide range, even their non finest range are really nice and smell gorgeous! 
If you're looking for a high end variety of flowers and really want to break the bank you can't go wrong with the company Maison Des Fleurs, their flowers are literally so amazing but soooo expensive! They come in a big box, which sounds not that nice but they look so good, head over to their website to have a look for yourself. 

Another is chocolates, the ones I've put above are the 'Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne Pink Chocolate Truffles'. I think these make the perfect little gift for Valentines because they look really expensive but they are actually not very expensive at all, you can pick up a box in Lakeland for only £9.99! Although that is a little expensive for 7 chocolates when I tried them I fell in love, they even tasted like a very high end brand.
If you want a more expensive chocolate shop I love Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat is great because they have such a variety, they cater to vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, diabetics, everything it's the perfect place for chocolate. For one of the valentines boxes is about £25.00 so it still isn't that bad and not to mention they taste AMAZING.

One of the naughtier choices you could buy is underwear. Every girl loves new underwear, especially with some added lace or something that looks sexy. Where I get my sexier underwear from is Topshop, which is the best high street shop I shop in. Some of their underwear is so amazing, they vary with price but the best and most comfortable ones I find are underwire bras, they look so much nicer and sexier than the padded ones I find. They work out on average about £18 a bra and about £4 for the bottoms, the only problem with Topshop is they don't do sizes over a D which is a bit annoying for us bigger women.
Another more high end place to buy underwear which are amazing is Agent Provocateur, their underwear has no other word other than perfect! Every set is so sexy and classy you literally couldn't get any better, they are very pricey, maybe about £95 per bra, but if you really want to look your best its so worth the money.

Jewellery is a very obvious choice for any holiday, all women love a good bit of jewellery. I love Pandora for a cheaper option as they do so much choice. I got a pandora bracelet for my 18th birthday a few years ago and my boyfriend always likes to buy me some of the charms, charms are always an easy but still romantic present. Also they have a wide range of rings which are so cute, the one above is a pandora heart ring which is about £35 I think, the charms can vary with price but i find the average price is about £30.
One of the obvious choices for a more high end brand of jewellery is Tiffany & Co. My sister got an infinity necklace from there for her 18th birthday last year and it is literally the nicest thing, they do a number of different things, from engagement rings for the really romantic gift to a simple bracelet as a little token.

Perfume is such a romantic gift I find, I always love receiving it from my boyfriend. The lower priced shop I've bought perfume from in the past is Zara. All of their perfume smells really expensive and amazing, they have such a variety of smells, and they also small bottles perfect for your handbag, another great thing about their perfume are the bottles, so if you like to have all your bottles on show these really blend in and won't stand out as a cheaper brand.
One of the high end shops to get perfume is Jo Malone. Their perfume smells so amazing, my mum lives by their perfume, I used to steal so much of it that she has actually locked it in her safe to stop me haha. Their bottles are also so pretty especially the one i have featured above.

Last but not least is candles. Every girl out there loves to have a calming bubble bath and maybe light an amazing smelling candle. The cheaper candles I adore are Yankee Candles. Although they are still quite expensive I find it is so worth the money because the smell of them are so beautiful and the variety of smells, you can always find the perfect candle for every occasion.
The last high end shop i love the candles in is The White Company. Their candles smell so citrusy and amazing, these are the perfect bath candle for you or if you're really being romantic on valentines day you and your partner ;). They are quite pricey maybe about £50 a candle but they are sooo worth the price and they last forever.

Do you have any favourite Valentines gifts?

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