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Monday, 9 February 2015

So as you can probably tell I went a littttttle overboard in Lush the other day, but I thought, my student loan can take this hit haha. I love lush because not only does everything smell amazing and natural but because everything is vegan, and as i am a very strong vegetarian its quite hard to find products that look and smell nice while still being vegan. I never have the time to go in there and have a proper look around and a good smell of everything but because i had the time i stocked up.

Twilight Bath Bomb

This little baby i picked up purely because it was pink, but after smelling it my life was made. I heard a lot about how this is a big de-stressing bath bomb, and as at the moment i am feeling very overwhelmed with uni work i thought i would give this a go to try and unwind. They also say on the website that this is a very good one to use if you really want a good nights sleep as the oils and the lavender in it is so calming. So i am really looking forward to using this after a long and stressful day!

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

This Rose bath bomb I used to use a lot when i was younger, I used to just always get bought it but haven't for the last few birthdays/Christmas' so i picked it up just to remind me of my younger days haha. This bomb is made with a lot of Turkish oils so it makes your skin sooooooo soft, not only that it smells amazing on your skin and in your bath! It lasts quite a few washes as well as you can break it up and only use a little bit but it still makes your skin so luscious! 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice

I love a good bubble bath, but i can never find a good liquid bubble bath that likes my skin so doesn't dry it out and that smells nice as well. I found this bubble bath bar though and i had to buy it, because everything so far works really nice on my skin. I bought two of these i think as they didn't put a label on the other bag so i think it was the same one. This smells exactly the same as the Snow Fairy shower gel they do at Christmas time and as i ran out of that very recently and they don't sell them any other times of the year i had to buy this beauty. This bar is perfect to soften skin as it had coco butter and almond butter in which makes your skin soooo soft, not only that but the sweet smell perks your mood up and gives you energy so perfect for a morning bath.

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

I was actually a bit sceptical about this bubbleroon as I've never tried it before and the middle bit felt kind of greasy but my sister convinced me to buy it because it does smell amazing! On the website it says it contains coconut oil which i love using on my skin because it leaves it feeling so silky smooth i just love it and it also has a lot of citrus oils which are supposedly supposed to perk you up and wake you up so it could be nice in the morning or if you've had a bad day, we will have to see about this one, i will Tweet or Instagram my opinion for you all.

Rose Bubble Bar

I picked this cute little bubble bar up because it looked so cute and smelt so nice and perfect for spring time! They don't have this on their website but when the person in lush saw me looking at it he told me that it contains coco butter so is supposed to be so good on the skin and make it feel so velvety and smell like a sweet little cupcake haha, i can see a pattern emerging here with cocobutter ;). I am very excited to try this one, although it is quite small so will only really be enough for 1 bath :(.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

I actually went into lush specifically to buy this bubble bar as i have seen soooo many people raving about it so i needed to try it for myself. This bar apparently contains an oil called Neroli oil which is supposed to be really good for toning your skin so thats an added bonus, it is also supposed to boost your mood with the smell so again, bad day? Throw this bad boy in the tub and you'll be back to normal.

Space Girl Bath Ballistic

This bath bomb was love at first sight! I actually bought this for my sister for Christmas (hoping she would give me some, she didn't) and she said that she loved it! I knew it smelt amazing but i didn't actually know a lot about it other than it was glittery. It has popping candy inside so when you pop it in the tub it snap crackle and pops all over the place which is funnnnn. 
It contains grapefruit which is again a natural mood lifter and also contains almond oils, which of course make your skin silky smooth and naturally tones the skin which is perfect for me.

Avobath Bath Bomb

This bath bomb was a little bit different for me to pick up as i usually go for the pretty pink ones but as soon as i saw the name 'Avo' i rushed over because i LOVE anything related to avocados. They are literally so good for your skin and as it has so much mashed avocado in and olive oil it really tackles dry skin which, during this weather, i am such a big sufferer from its horrible, it also contains lemongrass oil which is a natural antiseptic i thought it would be perfect as i have a lot of blisters at the moment so it could be very helpful with that!

The Comforter Bubble Bar

I saw Tanya Burr's lush haul video and she mentioned this so of course i had to purchase one for myself. It smells amazing! This bubble bar is deco my favourite product from the whole haul no doubt, it looks, smells and works amazingly! It contains loads of oils that are so calming so you can just relax with a book and a candle and just shut yourself away from the world, which sometimes we all need. It is also super sized so will last forever so its so good for how much it is!

Think Pink Bath Bomb

Last but not least we have this cute little bath bomb. I picked this up because obviously it's pink but the little flowers are just so adorable, it is quite small so you could make it last 2 baths but i would say one long bath would be perfect. This bomb contains lavender which is sooo relaxing and again contains the Neroli oil which tones your skin, so for a nice quick, uplifting bath this would be perfect.

Do you have a favourite Lush product?

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