Style Icon of the Month: Kylie Jenner

Thursday, 29 January 2015

This 17 year old beauty has been the talk of the town for so long now I thought it was only appropriate that she be my style icon of the month.

Her style is so simple and minimalistic but she makes it look so classy and unique i love it! I really look to her for style inspiration a lot actually, mostly for everyday looks because she loves black like me, my go to colour will always be black (mostly because its slimming haha).

I thought i would focus more on some of my favourite styles from her recently in this little post:

I'm totally in love with this look. Theres something about her that makes wearing something that i would usually wear on a night out an acceptable outfit for the everyday look, and that makes me very jealous. My 2 favourite pieces in this outfit is the hat and the coat, she has complimented the colours so well, camel and baby blue ugh its just amazing, she's also matched this outfit with a nude pair of simple heals which i think make the outfit, i don't think it would look complete in flats, this is just my favourite of her recent looks.

You may think this is a bit of an unusual choice of favourite looks to chose but i actually love it. Its such a casual comfortable outfit but she has somehow made even pyjamas look cute. Grey on grey, perfect, my favourite colour at the moment is grey, i think it just goes with everything and you can make it look classy even if its just a t-shirt and jeans. 

The last of my favourite looks from her recent street snaps is this one, my favourite thing about it is the heels! I love over the knee boots at the moment they just make every outfit look sexy but classy at the same time. It upsets me that i can't wear these because my legs are just not the right shape they make me look even more stumpy than i already am haha. 

Do you have any style icons? or a favourite look of Kylies?


  1. She has such great style! Love the first one especially.
    Alex //