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Thursday, 15 January 2015

I have been completely LOVING lipstick recently, I've always liked to wear it to 'jazz' up an outfit but only when i was going out at night or whatever but i never wore it in the day time. Recently though i think it just makes you feel a little bit more alive on those early mornings, especially nudes in my opinion.
Firstly we have the Nudes. This is bar FARRRRR my favourite lipstick I have ever found in my whole lifetime! I literally cannot tell you enough good things about this brand. I would never usually look at MUA (Make Up Academy) as they look like a cheap brand, all of their products look nice but you always think when you look at the price that they're not going to be as good as a mac lipstick for example. 

Well I saw this one in colour 'Fawn Fancy' in Superdrug and i wanted to try it out as its very similar to Mac's 'Velvet Teddy', it was £1! £1! and i absolutely love it! Its my favourite nude everyday lipstick and when i compared it to the velvet teddy i literally couldn't tell a difference, not only that but it has the best staying power and its soooo moisturising, I LOVE IT!
I bought this Rimmel lipstick today and i love it just as much as the previous one, the only difference is that this one is a little bit more pricey. This 'Kate Moss' lippy in shade 03 was about £5.50, but even for that price i still think its such a bargain. I bought this shade as its a little bit lighter than the nude i already have, I've only worn this shade once so far ad i only wore it for a couple of hours so I'm not totally sure on the staying power, although saying that, i did go for a meal and at the end of eating it was still perfect and didn't need re-applying, this one is also a bit more moisturising. 

So if i were to chose between the two nudes i would still chose the MUA purely because i prefer the colour, and it does help that its only £1.
This colour has always been a little out there for me but i really love it anyway, this is also a Rimmel 'Kate Moss' one in shade 04. I used to apply it straight from the stick but it was a really harsh purple, nearly black, but i have found that applying it with a little brush or a lip brush it comes out sooooo much nicer.

 This one was also only £5.50, so if you're into the more different colours i would recommend this but if you're just trying it out for the first time i would go for something a little lighter.
On to the reds, these are also both from Topshop, I've always liked their lipsticks as i find them really moisturising and long lasting. This one was a bullet in the shade 'Joyride' and was about £8.00, this red is a realllllly bright red colour so i usually match it with an all black outfit, because sometimes you just need a little bit of colour in your life hehe, these ones are also matte coloured so they always look so beaut. 
This is my last favourite lippy that i own. My boyfriend bought this for me for a christmas present and i absolutely love it, this one was about £10 so its a little bit more pricey than the others but solo worth it! I find these really easy to apply as i don't think you need a lip liner with them, although you can if you would prefer, i just think they're so easy to apply anyway you don't need one.

They are honestly the best matte colour that I've ever tried and they have really good staying power. I love it, one of the best christmas presents i received.

What are your fave lippys? Or any recommendations of ones to buy?

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