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Monday, 12 January 2015

As everyone knows, having amazing eyebrows are the KEY to a full make up look, but for me as I'm sure with everyone else have found it hard over the years to perfect the 'eyebrow look'. For so many years I couldn't get the shape right as I literally had no arch in my brows, so I thought, either spend what, £300 on getting them tattooed or just research my heart out on different things you can do with make up.
When I was in my research stage I came across eyebrow stencils, which have literally SAVED MY LIFE! I used the Chelsea Boutique naturale stencil but you can buy them in a pack of 6 different shapes so you can literally pick your perfect style per occasion. All you have to do is hold them on top of your eyebrows and fill them in with whatever you use on your brows.
For me I use 2 different types of techniques depending on where I'm going, if I'm in a rush I use the creme from the Barry M Shape and Define eyebrow kit first over the stencil, I then fill in the excess and matt them slightly with the powder from the same kit, I fill them in using my Real Techniques shading brush.
The other technique I use when I have slightly more time, this is also my favourite technique so I usually give myself enough time so I'm able to do this one, I use my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in black brown to line the brows inside the stencil, i fill them in slightly with the pencil too, i then do the same technique as the first with the powder, just fill in the excess, after all of that work ;) I use the white colour powder in the kit just on my brow bone to really define them.
This is the finished look:

It really is that easy and that cheap to get really defined, arched eyebrows, which i can assure you i did not have before! Infact I will show you what they looked like before I found the stencils, this!!
THEY GIVE ME NIGHTMARES! wayyyy too over plucked! 
So i would seriously recomend to anyone who has the same issue as me to get some stencils, they will honestly save your life and you will look FABULOUS!

Product list:
Barry M Shape and Define Eyebrow Kit- £5.99
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil- £2.99
Chelsea Boutique 6 Pack stencils- £14.00
Real Techniques Shading Brush- £7.99

Do you have any eyebrow tips or tricks?

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  1. I love the Barry M palette. Just bought the new L'Oreal one which is slightly more expensive at £9.99 but don't think it's half as good as the Barry M.
    My eyebrows are way too overplucked and growing them back in is proving a length process!